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Meyers Learning Center

Meyers Learning Center

Contact us today to learn how we can support your child's learning.  If you would like to facilitate tutoring for your child, please fill out the informational form on the GET STARTED page.  This is the fastest way to initiate our process. We welcome your questions or feedback and look forward to serving you.


Our Mission

Meyers Learning Center tutoring teaches practical tools to enhance learning, confidence, and success.

Our Service

Meyers Learning Center (MLC) provides tailored academic tutoring to a diverse student population. Our outstanding professional tutors bring a passion for teaching and a commitment to supporting students on their paths to success. We teach the whole student, viewing each individual in the context of a school, family, and life stage. Our approach focuses on student strengths: building motivation, confidence, and self-efficacy on the foundation of their innate abilities. In addition, we teach effective, targeted strategies for overcoming learning challenges. MLC Tutors engage students in a dynamic learning partnership to help them achieve their goals.


Awards and Memberships

Bay Area Parent Family Favorite - Meyers Learning Center Awarded "Best Learning Center in Silicon Valley" four years in a row by Bay Area Parent magazine

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Meet Our Educators

  • Chris Bonfilio

    Chris brings a passion for teaching and helping students find a way to unlock their potential.  Building… more »

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“You are an extraordinary human being. I had no idea you provided so much careful consideration and focus for [my daughter]. I love the goal sheet and the honesty required to attain the goals. What a great idea. I'd be a more successful person today if you had been my tutor! ” more »— Mother of 9th grader
“I wanted to drop you a note expressing my thanks and gratitude for all your efforts with [my son]. You have done an excellent job teaching him the skills to become more productive and efficient in his study skills. When I asked yesterday if he was sad to end his tutoring with you, he immediately answered yes. While... more »— Mother of 10th grader
“We have nothing but positive things to say about how the entire process went. Thank you for all of your help. ” more »— Mother of a 3rd grader
“I appreciate all of your knowledge and time. You have shared much of yourself with [my daughter].  You never seemed rushed or stressed when you arrive. You have the uncanny ability to make her feel that she is the only student that you work with…an amazing gift! Your spirit is positive and caring…... more »— Mother of 7th grader
“We have seen a significant improvement in his study habits since you began helping him. He is more organized and focused…. He even keeps his room cleaner. His GPA turned around by the end of last year and it’s been good enough to get him accepted to two of his reach schools! Thanks again! ” more »— Father of 12th grader
“I think you are an outstanding tutor and human being. Thanks for helping us. ” more »— Mother of 6th grader
“You're a miracle worker! ” more »— Mother of 11th grader
“It is so wonderful that you are such a great resource to [my child’s] school and have shared your guidance, expertise and knowledge, through which the whole community benefits. Thank you so much! ” more »— Mother of 8th grader
“[Our son] loves his tutor!  She is very patient and calm.  He has had several  "aha!" moments with her, where he just beams when he "gets it."  We couldn't be happier and can't thank you enough for putting them together! ” more »— Mother of 8th grader
“You must have ‘the magic touch’ because [my son’s] unsolicited comment upon your departure was ‘she’s excellent! ” more »— Mother of 5th grader

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